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The Tomato Analogy for Cracked Heels

Tomato Analogy for Cracked Heels

What might tomatoes have to do with cracked heels? Nothing really, except for using tomatoes as an analogy to explain how the skin around the heels can crack.

Here is how the analogy works: If you place a tomato on the bench and then attempt to squash it with your hand or an object, the insides of the tomato want to bulge outwards. When doing this, the skin of the tomato will eventually crack.

That is how it is with cracked heels. When you bear weight on your heel, the fat pad under the heel wants bulge out sideways (like the insides of the tomato). If the skin is supple and flexible, then all is good and the skin does not crack. However, if the skin is dry or hard, then that is not so good and that skin may crack in the same way that the pressure cracks the skin of the tomato. This can become painful and be an entry point for an infection.

This analogy also makes it easier to see why it is so important to keep the skin flexible and supple and remove the hard skin. See the products below that can help with this.

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As it is so important to keep the skin around the heals supple and flexible so it does not crack, we recommended Walker’s Urea cream. The Foot Filer and electric callus remover  are also useful to reduce the hard skin that cracks.

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