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Fix Toe Pro for Metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia‘ is not really a useful term nor is it a diagnosis. It simply means ‘pain’ (‘-algia‘) in the ‘forefoot’ or ‘ball of the foot’ (‘metatars-‘) and that pain could be due to a number of very different and distinct conditions. This could be due to anything from a stress fracture of the bone to a pinching of the nerve (Morton’s neuroma) or it could be a callus under the metatarsal head or a strain of the ligaments around the metatarsophalangeal joints. There could be something called a floating toe or a hammer toe causing the pain or these toe deformities develop because of the pain. A common cause is a plantar plate tear or dysfunction that also can get called a capsulitis or predislocation syndrome.

The FixToe Pro device was developed in Spain by podiatrists to treat a number of these problems that get lumped under the term, ‘metatarsalgia’.

The FixToe device consists of several parts. One part is the anchor that wraps around the ball of the foot. There is the strap that goes around the toe to plantar flex it which anchors on the plantar area of the anchor wrap. And there is a metatarsal pad that goes under the anchor on the bottom of the foot.

These parts serve several purposes. The strap around the toe plantar flexes the toe which is great for conditions like a plantar plate tear. The way that the toe strap attaches to the anchor wrap also serves to off load and get pressure of the metatarsal head, which is also great for plantar plate and metatarsal head problems. This strap is also much more comfortable to wear and use and more practical than the commonly used plantar plate strapping technique. The metatarsal pad also helps to off load the metatarsal pad and help redistribute load on the plantar surface of the foot.

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