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How to get rid of corns on the foot?

Corns on the foot are actually really easy to get rid of. However, they are not so easy to stop coming back. A skilled podiatrist can easily remove a corn or you may have a go at removing it yourself. The problem with removing a corn is that the cause of it is probably still there. Corns happen for a reason and removing the corn does not remove the cause or that reason. Corns do NOT have roots. They come back because the cause of them is still there. They do not come back because the root was not removed by the podiatrist.

So how do you stop them coming back?

Surely it should be obvious? You have to remove the cause. The cause of corns are too much pressure on the area of skin. As a result of that pressure, the skin thickens up. Eventually, that skin becomes so thick that it becomes a painful corn.

In order to stop the corn from coming back, you need to work out the cause and remove it or get it removed by an expert. Different corns in different places will have different causes. For example, if the corn is on a hammer toe, then the pressure on that toe will need to be removed if the corn is to be stopped coming back. This could range from just getting better fitting footwear (which may not be enough) to wearing pads over the toe to get pressure off it to surgery to correct the hammer toe. If, for another example, the corn is between the toes, then the pressure is often due to the shape of the bones in each toe pushing on each other. Cases like this, skilled removal of the corn will help the symptoms, but it will return if that cause is not addressed. At one end of the scale, surgery may be able to be done on the bone in the toe or at the other end of the spectrum wearing silicone gel tubing may be enough to reduce the pressure.

There is no magical cure for corns. It one of simple biomechanics. It is a pressure related problem and the only way to stop them coming back is to work out what is causing that higher pressure and reduce it. There is no natural cure or homeopathic remedy or snake oil or magic bullet that can do that. There is so much bad information online about corns. This is a mechanical problem and mechanical problems need mechanical solutions.

Related Products for Foot Corns have a range of products that can be useful for corns and callus. For example the silicone gel tube can be cut to the toe length and be used to protect toes that corns develop on.

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