Dry Skin

The skin is designed to hold a certain amount of water. This is needed to keep the skin supple, flexible and able to withstand the different types of pressure, especially in the feet, that it is placed under. 

What is dry skin on the foot

Dry skin is obvious and we think everyone knows what it looks like.  Dry skin can crack and fissure which can be a portal of entry for an infection to get in which is why its important to keep it under control. Around the heel the dry skin can be a bigger problem especially if the skin is thicker, cracks in the heel can occur. These can be quite painful.

What causes foot dry skin

Some of us just have a skin that is dryer than others as they have a genetic predisposition to just develop dry skin. As we get older, the skin does tend to become drier.  If dry skin is scaling and itchy, this may indicate a fungal infection (athletes foot).

Self management

The best way to treat is to try to use very little soap when bathing and limit the amount of time in the water. After patting skin dry on the foot with a towel, apply a moisturizer or emollient to the foot. An oil based emollient is generally considered better. This should preferably be done daily. We recommended the Urea based creams, such as the Walker’s product. If the dry skin is around the heel, then you might like to try the foot filer.

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