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Just how effective are the Urea creams for the skin?

We are always up for any good science and research that tells us about the sorts of products that should be used on the foot successfully. We only stock one foot cream as our experience was showing us how effective that particular one is, so it was good to see this study just published on how effective the urea creams are for dry and hard skin. Urea is the main ingredient of the foot cream that we stock.

In this study, they took 60 participants and randmized them to a placebo cream and to two different concentrations of urea cream and then used a special device to measure how efective the creams were. Needless to say the skin hydration improved substantially with the urea-based cream.

We like the Walker’s version of the urea cream as it is also convenient and easy to use. It does form part of our cracked heel package. You can see our other news post on just how to use it effectively to get results, especially if you want to get serious about fixing cracked heels.

FootStore.au Products for Cracked Heels

As it is so important to keep the skin around the heals supple and flexible so it does not crack, we recommended Walker’s Urea cream. The Foot Filer and electric callus remover are also useful to reduce the hard skin that cracks.

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