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Should you use the 15% or 25% Walker’s Urea Foot Cream

Urea has been used since the 1940’s for a range of different skin conditions and has proved to be clinically quite effective for dry skin and conditioning for cracks in the skin around the heels. There is now some good research on how effective it is.

The Walker’s brand of urea creams comes in two strengths, 15% and 25%. Like most medicaments, stronger does not always been better and more effective. The two strengths have two differing effects. In research that has been done on how the urea cream works and their effectiveness, there appears to be a cut-off point at around 20%.  Below a concentration of about 20 (ie the Walker’s 15%) the action of the urea is to act as what is called a humectant, which means that it helps the skin retain moisture. Above a concentration of about 20 (ie the Walker’s 25%) it causes a breakdown of proteins in the skin and the dry skin can flake off and soften the skin.

If you need to moisten the skin, then the 15% Walkers is more effective. If you need to remove some of the dry and hard skin, then the 25% Walkers is more effective. We also have the 25% with ceramide.

As it is with any cream, it only works if you use it. It does need to be applied frequently.

Walker's Urea Foot Cream

FootStore.au Products for Dry and Cracked Heels

As it is so important to keep the skin around the heals supple and flexible so it does not crack, we recommended Walker’s Urea cream. The Foot Filer and electric callus filer are also useful to reduce the hard skin that cracks.

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