Electric Callus Remover

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Electric callus filer; FREE SHIPPING; price includes GST

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Electric Callus Remover for self care of calluses on the foot and a self pedicure.

This Electric Callus Remover is easy to use. The kit include includes 2 roller heads:  a fine roller for polishing and everyday maintenance and a coarse roller for smoothing stubborn calluses and removing dead skin. The tool also has two speeds allowing a soft and also a more powerful treatment.

Two Heads of the Electric Callus Remover:

The tool has a fine and course head for different effects. The tool works at two different speeds (fast and slow).

electric callus remover two heads


Contents of the Electric Callus Remover package:

1sx Handle; 2 x Roller Heads(Corse & Fine Head); USB Charging Cord

Easy recharging:

This Electric Callus Remover is rechargeable via a USB cable and works as a cordless device making it portable and really easy to use.

electric callus remover and file


Frequently asked questions about the Electric Callus Remover:

How long does shipping take?
We ship every day. Most orders are sent the day we get them. However, we are at the mercy of Australia Post or the different couriers that we use after that. This can vary from a few days up to a week or so and obviously more during the festive season. We do try our best to get them to you as quickly as possible.

What cream to you recommend that we use with this Electric Callus file?
We strongly advise the use of the Walker’s Urea Cream, with with ceramides or without.

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1 review for Electric Callus Remover

  1. Emily

    I ordered this because the price was good, but did not have very high expectations. Surprisingly it works very well and removed dead skin without damage to the skin. Great product… specially for its price.

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