Flat Feet

“Flat feet” is a horrible name and is a mostly meaningless term. Not all flat feet is “flat feet” and not all “flat feet” is a problem.

Flat feet is only a problem if what we call the ‘biomechanics’ behind it is a problem and is causing symptoms. Only in those cases should something be done about it.

Another term that comes up commonly in association with flat feet is the term ‘overpronation’. It is is bad as “pronation” is something that is normal and we have no idea what is “over” or what is abnormal versus normal.

How Should Flat Feet be treated?

There are lots of misguided opinions on this. It is best treated by treating what is causing it. There is no such thing as one treatment to fit all. What works for one cause of the flat feet will not work for another.

If the flat foot is due to tight calf muscles, then nothing will help other than a heel raise (in the short term) and calf muscle stretching (medium to long term). If the flat foot is due to a muscle weakness, then the treatment should be directed to strengthening those muscles. If the flat foot is due to a bony alignment issues, then foot orthotics or inserts will be needed (calf muscle stretching and muscle strengthening will not work for these). The cause needs to be identified.

FootStore.au Products for Flat Feet

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