Do you want to get serious about fixing cracked heels?

Do you want to get serious about fixing cracked heels?

We have an overview of cracked heels, talked about the best cream for them and even used the tomato analogy to explain why they happen. Plenty of advice has been given on how to get them treated and how to self manage them. However, sometimes just taking one approach is just not enough, so if the cracked heels really are causing a problem and you really want to get serious and do something about them, we have introduced our Cracked Heel Package (which is really just a discounted collection of the three other products that we offer, the urea based cream, the foot filer or electric callus file and the silicone gel heel protector). It more affordable to buy all three products at once, to get serious about this problem!

To get serious about cracked heels, do this:

Buy the package and then get to work with the foot filer to reduce the thicker callused skin. You will need to do this on a regular basis to keep it down. If you find this to difficult, then get a skilled podiatrist to do it. Even if you get them to do that, you still should be using the foot filer regularly to keep that thicker skin down. Start applying the urea-based emollient every morning to make the skin supple. At night, apply more of the cream liberally around the heel and then cover that with the silicone gel protector (and a pair of socks over that). Leave that on overnight, so the cream really gets a chance to soak in. Commit to doing this and watch the skin improve quickly.

After this intensive approach, periodic use of the foot filer and emollient will still be needed to keep it down, as if you developed the cracked heels in the first place, then you are obviously predisposed to them. Products for Cracked Heels

As it is so important to keep the skin around the heals supple and flexible so it does not crack, we recommended Walker’s Urea cream. The Foot Filer and electric callus remover is also useful to reduce the hard skin that cracks.

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