walkers urea foot cream

Cracked Heel Cream

walkers urea foot cream

Cracked heels can become quite a problem and using a cream is important as part of the management of it, however, not all creams are equal and not all work.

Why do most ‘cracked heels’ creams not work?

They do not work not because they are not very good. Most are good and do have the potential to work. However, they are generally unsuccessful as there is just too much of the thicker callus like skin around the heel that there is just nothing that the cream can do. There is really no point applying the cream if the skin is so thick. It will probably not matter how often you apply it, its not going to make a great deal of difference.

What you need to do before using the cream is to get the hard thicker skin reduced. A skilled podiatrist can do a good job of that or you could put in the effort yourself with something like our foot filer or electric callus remover. After that is done, then start applying the cream on a regular basis.

cracked heels

What cream should be used for the cracked skin around the heel?

Most podiatrists who treat a lot of cracked heels recommend urea based creams as being preferable to other types of creams which is why that is the one we offer. Those same podiatrists also recommend removing the thicker callused skin before applying the cream (see above why most creams do not work!)

What if that still does not work?

Then you need to lift your game, use the foot filer of electric callus filer more frequently and apply the cream more frequently and use the Silicone gel heel protector at night after applying copious amounts of cream and letting it soak in overnight.

FootStore.au Products for Cracked Heels

As it is so important to keep the skin around the heals supple and flexible so it does not crack, we recommended Walker’s Urea cream. The Foot Filer and electric callus remover is also useful to reduce the hard skin that cracks.

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