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Urea + Ceramide = effective foot cream

The Walker’s 25% Urea foot cream is also available with ceramide in a formulation known as the ULTRA.

The urea creams (15% and 25%) are effective for rehydrating dry skin, and in the case of the 25% also helping to get rid of the flaky and thicker skin. What the ceramides adds is that they are basically the ‘glue’ that helps to hold the skin cells together. This means that the moisture that the urea cream helps restore is sealed in with the help of the ceramides. It also helps form a barrier that protects the skin from the external environment and irritants.

The foot creams containing ceramide provide a protective layer that defends against friction, dryness, and the penetration of allergens or toxins that may be harmful. The foot creams containing urea help moisturise the skin. What could be better than a foot cream that contains both ceramide and urea?

The Walkers Urea 25% ULTRA Foot Cream with Ceramides is an effective foot cream for your feet.

HOWEVER, like any foot cream it is not going to help unless you use it. The cream should be applied twice daily initially to improve the skin and then daily after that. If you get a foot cream, please use it to get the results.

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Ceramides are also important in the pathogenesis of diabetes and ceramides may play a role in diabetic foot ulcers.

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