Toe Straightener Exercise Belt

Exercises for Bunions

Toe Straightener Exercise Belt

Bunions are a common problem and the question often comes up about can bunion exercises help?

Short answer: yes

Long answer: maybe, yes

So, do Bunion Exercises Work?

The answer really depends on what is meant by “work”. Will the exercises correct the bunion and associated hallux valgus? Probably not. The forces from the biomechanics and from the shoe that cause the bunion are great, so the chances that any type of exercise will correct the angle of the big toe are not great as they have to overcome a lot and overcome something that took years to develop. And even if it was possible, the amount of exercises that would probably have to be done over a long period of time to achieve that will not be insignificant.

However: that does not mean that they should not be done. The exercises will make a considerable difference to the function of the big toe joint and will be very useful to help with some of the symptoms that come from inside the joint. The mobilization of the joint that you can get from our Toe Straightener Exercise Belt will make the bunion feel better, keep it loose and may help prevent it from getting any worse, so it is recommended.

There is a lot of misinformation on bunions on the internet so please be careful what you take on board and don’t believe everything you read and treat everything with a critical eye. There are no magic bullets for bunions. A lot gets written about exercises for bunions and the before/after photos are so easy to fake. products for bunions have a range of reasonably priced products that can help with bunions and hallux valgus. These products can help with pressure on the enlarged joint, can provide some realignment to the joint and exercise the joint to help with pain from inside the joint.

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