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How long should you wear a bunion corrector for?

We know from the evidence that using a bunion corrector regularly over a few months can lead to an improvement in the angle of the big toe of a few degrees. That particular study did not go beyond 3 months, so we have no good evidence of the long term affects. We also know that bunion correctors are also helpful for some of the symptoms that you can get inside the joint of you have a bunion.

So, how long should you wear a bunion corrector for? The aim of the bunion corrector is to change bones and that is not an easy task as you get older. Things about it this way, how long do kids need to wear braces on their teeth when the aim is to change the alignment of teeth in the bone? It can takes months and months to get the desired improvement in the alignment of the teeth, and the bones of kids are much more malleable than those of adults. Adults who have braces on their teeth need a longer period of time to get any alignment changes in their teeth. This means that bunion correctors are going to need a longer time to help. You are going to need to persist with them for months to get any good affect. There is not going to be an overnight improvement.

Persistence is the key here. Use the bunion corrector at night and the Bunion Assassin during the day.

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