Akileine Akilwinter cream for chilblains

What chilblain cream do a lot of podiatrists recommend?

Chilblains are a reasonably common condition that typically affect the toes in the colder environments. They result in a itchy and painful area of skin. The best advice for chilblains is prevention. This prevention and their treatment often involves the use of a type of chilblain cream. There are lot of different chilblain creams that can be used but there is next to no research on which one is better and most effective for most people. This means the advice as to which one to use is based on anecdotes and testimonials. The big problem with that approach is that what works for one person might or might not work for the next person.

If you visit some of the podiatry forums or social media groups where someone asks for a recommendation for what chilblain cream or ointment do podiatrists recommend, you will probably find a least one recommendation for each and every different brand, usually with a glowing testimonial. However, if you look around you do see one particular brand get more recommendations, testimonials and anecdotes than others. If you are looking for a cream to use for chilblains, then the brand that gets the most recommendations is probably going to be a good place to start. That cream is the Akileine Akilwinter Chilblain Cream that is made in France. We selected this brand among all the others that we could choose from to sell because it is simply the one that appears to be most recommended by podiatrists (who obviously see a lot of chilblains in the cooler climates).

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