electric callus filer

Is it safe to use electric callus remover?


We recently started offering an electric callus file for the self care of cracked heels and calluses that is battery operated and has two speeds and two heads (rough and smooth), so is a versatile tool for you to use to look after your feet.

Is it safe to use the electric callus remover?

They are safe if you use them properly. Of course they can be dangerous if you remove too much, so they do need to be used with care and common sense.

They are charged with a USB cable, so there is no more electical risk than there is with your smart phone.

You obviously need to use it to reduce the thicker callused hard skin and not take off too much. If you start going to far, you may feel a burning sensation and then its going to be painful, so stop before that happens. If you press too hard with this device it stops working, so that is a safety mechanism built in.

HOWEVER, if you have diabetes or another condition that affects your nerve sensation, then you might not want to use the electric callus remover. If you remove too much, you start to get a burning sensation then pain, so if you have issues with the nerve sensations that you get in diabetes, you will not feel those sensations. In these cases a lot of harm can be done and that is best avoided.

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