Rigid Carbon Fibre Inserts for Toe Walking

There are a number of different causes of toe walking in children. All cases need to be looked into by a paediatric health professional to identify the reason for the toe walking. this is because a number of neurological conditions can cause the problem. The most common cause of toe walking in children is what is called idiopathic toe walking, in which there is no obvious reason for the problem. This idiopathic toe walking is the most common type of toe walking in kids.

The rigid carbon fibre insert that are only 1,2-1.5 millimeters thick have been shown in research to help improve the walking of those with idiopathic toe walking. They make the footwear more rigid across the ball of the foot (metatarsophalangeal joints), increasing the lever arm from the toes to the ankle joint to induce a subtle force to get the heel down to the ground with more ease..

The carbon fibre inserts now come in the children’s sizes (seven sizes from the small 150mm to the 210mm one). Like the adult sizes, they are sold as single, so you probably need to buy two to make a pair for idiopathic toe walking. These smaller children’s sizes are only available in the full-width version and not the Morton’s extension version.

Simply measure the length of the insole in the shoe of the child and order that length. Going 5 or so mm shorter is usually not a problem.

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