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Correct the toes: ‘Toe Corrector’ or ‘Toe Straightener’?

If you have a problem with the toes such as hammer toes, claw toes, bunions, overlapping toes or a condition like Morton’s neuroma or have feet that get cramped into tight fitting shoes all day at work, then you will most likely benefit from one of the devices that are designed to correct the toes. We have two devices for doing this that we have termed the ‘Toe corrector’ and the ‘Toe Straightener’. The terminology and descriptions of different devices that are available to correct toes is quite varied and different people call different devices different names. These are the names that we have chosen for our products to differentiate between the two.

The Toe Straightener goes around the toes and pulls them down from the bottom. It is preferable for correcting things like a hammer or claw toe or for a gentle separating of the toes. It is easier to wear with shoes during the day compared to the Toe Corrector which spreads the shoes more.

The Toe Corrector goes around the toes and is much more effective at separating the toes. It can be worn as a night splint or during the day in the shoes if there is sufficient room in the shoes.

One is not better than the other, they just do slightly different things and have differing uses. If you look at your toes and the exact nature of the problem and then look at how the toe corrector or toe straightener can correct your toes and then decide which one may be more practical for you. Products to correct the toes

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