What socks for chilblains?

If you have a problem with chilblains then an important part of the treatment and prevention is keeping the feet warm. Wool is almost universally recommended as the material that socks should be made from to keep the feet warm. Wool is obviously natural and is warmer than synthetic materials that socks can be made from.

However, not all wool’s are made the same. Merino (sheep) wool is commonly used, but it is not as warm as cashmere (goat) wool. So if you have a problem with chilblains, cold feet or diabetes then you are probably going to be better off with the cashmere socks (that we have). Cashmere can be as much as seven to eight times warmer than merino wool. The merino wool is better at wicking moisture away from the skin, so if your problem is sweaty feet, then they may be a better option for that problem.

Both types of wool are breathable and lightweight.

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FootStore.au products for Chilblains

We have a cream that is often recommended by podiatrists who see a lot of chilblains. If you have chilblains, it is a cream that is worth trying. Our cashmere socks are so warm and can really make a difference (and shipping is FREE).

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