Akileine Akilwinter Chilblain Cream

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The Akileine Akilwinter Chilblain Cream (75ml) is the cream that we most recommend for the treatment and prevention of chilblains. FREE SHIPPING.

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The Akileine Akilwinter Chilblain Cream is the cream that we most recommend for the treatment and prevention of chilblains. It is made in Monaco. It can help to fight skin damage that comes from cold weather and humidity on the feet. Akileine Akilwinter Chilblain Cream can moisturize the skin and helps to sooth itchy dry skin due to chilblains. It will calm itching and reinforce the natural hydro-lipidic barrier of the skin and help activates the micro-circulation in the skin.

Chilblains and Raynaud’s phenomenon
Sensitive skin exposed to cold

How to use:
Apply Akileine Akilwinter Chillblain Cream on the skin areas on the feet exposed to cold weather or affected by chilblains and lightly massage the cream into the skin.
In case of more serious conditions, apply a second layer.
Use daily
For External Use Only. Always read the label and follow the directions for use.
If symptoms that appear to be chilblains persist then talk to your healthcare professional.

Active Ingredients of Akileine Akilwinter Chilblain Cream:

Ginkgo Biloba/Vitamin E – Reduces swelling and has a toning action on the veins
Enoxolone/Allantoine Complex – Anti-inflammatory and soothing , prevents scarring
Vitamin A/D-Panthenol – Heals cracks and chapped skin
Shea butter/Beeswax Complex – Reduces moisture loss, strengthens the hydro-lipidic film
Shea butter/Calendula Complex – Restores the hydro-lipidic barrier

Frequently asked questions about the Akileine Akilwinter Chilblain Cream:

How long does shipping take?
We ship every day. Most orders are sent the day we get them. However, we are at the mercy of Australia Post or the different couriers that we use after that. This can vary from a few days up to a week or so and obviously more during the festive season. We do try our best to get them to you as quickly as possible.

How effective is the Akileine chilblain cream?
Our experiences is that it is very effective if used properly and regularly and other strategies such as keep the feet warm are used. Please see our general advice for chilblains. There are plenty of anecdotes and testimonials as to its effectiveness and it is one of the more commonly recommended chilblain creams by podiatrists.

Where are the Akileine products made?
They are made by the French company Laboratoires ASEPTA. The company was founded in 1946 and is based in Monaco. ASEPTA develops and manufactures a wide range of healthcare and personal care products, including those marketed under the Akileine brand. Akileine products are specifically designed to treat and prevent foot problems such as dry skin, calluses, and blisters.

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3 reviews for Akileine Akilwinter Chilblain Cream

  1. Lisa

    I am very satisfied with this cream. It worked well on my chilblains when other creams had not.

  2. Lucinda

    This cream started working on my chillblains symptoms immediately after use…I sure wish I had known about this several years ago..this is a very painful (a winter time affliction for me, my feet are always cold)…good luck if you try it, I know I will keep it on hand always. thanks.

  3. Kathy baker (verified owner)

    Helps alot for my chilblains.

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