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Making Modifications to the Archies Footwear

The Archies thongs are our best selling product. Not only are they comfortable, the arch support in them can be helpful for those that need that support or use the Archies as an adjunct to the use of foot orthotics or supports in their normal shoes.

Another good thing about the Archies is that there are things that can be done to them to make them specific for people who have individual problems. For example, metatarsal domes or pads could be adhered just behind the metatarsal heads to alter function of the toes and off-load the metatarsal heads:

We have instructions on how to place metatarsal pads in the correct position or you may be able to discuss this with a local podiatrist.

Pads made from a number of different materials can be fashioned to get the loads and pressure of different areas of the foot. The image above is a pad made from poron that is glued on to the Archies to get the loads of the big toe joint for someone who has a painful sesamoiditis.

Another modification that can be done to the Archies footwear is a “MOSI” design for those with “overpronated” feet when the arch support in the Archies is not enough for the extent of the problem. It is described in this video:

This is something you may be able to discuss with your local podiatrist after you have got a pair of Archies.

There are a number of other modifications that can be creatively made to the Archies footwear. products for Modifying Archies Footwear:

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