How to get rid of chilblains quickly?

The best way to deal with chilblains is to not get them in the first place, ie prevent them. Even when you get a chilblain, prevention is still so crucial otherwise it will not matter what you do to treat it, it will come back again in the colder environments.

How to treat the chilblain?

If the prevention failed and you got a chilblain then the best way to get rid of it quickly is to keep the foot warm, but avoid direct heat such as putting your foot in front of a heat source such as a heater. If your feet are cold, then warm them up slowly. Wear woolen socks and closed in footwear to prevent the foot from getting cold. Avoid scratching the chilblain if you can – this can be a bit difficult as they can be very itchy, but the scratching might break the skin and lead to more problems.

It is important to use some sort of chilblain cream to rub into the area. A lot of podiatrists recommend Akileine Akilwinter Chilblain Cream as it does seem to help a lot of people. This will sooth the discomfort and stimulate the circulation and healing. It is probably a good idea to use the cream a couple of times a day initially, then once a day as it starts to settle down. Rubbing the cream in with the fingers with a bit of a massage can also help stimulate the circulation and help remove the build up of waste products causing the irritation. This is the best way to get rid of the chilblain quickly, but if you do not carry out the prevention it is common to develop another one before the first one has healed leading to a chronic problem.

How to prevent the chilblain?

This is crucial if you do not want this to be an ongoing chronic problem. If you are prone to chilblains, then use the chilblain cream regularly as the cold season starts so this can stimulate the circulation and keep that healthy. Keep the feet warm with woolen socks and closed in shoes. If your feet do become cold, it is important that you warm them up slowly and avoid placing them in front of heaters. If you are a smoker, then find help to stop as this will not be helping with the chilblains. products for Chilblains (free shipping)

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