tubular toe foam

Using the Toe Foams to Protect Chilblains

Chilblains are a common inflammatory reaction to waste products that build up in the skin due to issues with the circulation in very small blood vessels in colder climates. The key to the treatment of chilblains is prevention. Once a chilblain develops, there are a few things you can do to get rid of chilblains quickly. An important part of that is protecting a chilblain from further damage, especially if the chilblain is on an area that gets subjected to a lot of weight or pressure. For the short term relief of the pain from a chilblain, protective padding can be used.

If the chilblain is on a toe, then the tubular toe foam protectors are often useful. They go around the toe and can protect the chilblains from pressure and well as help it heal due to providing a bit of insulation. They are probably better for this than the silicon gel type of protectors as the foam ones can breath, so allow for some air circulation between the toe. The gel ones don’t allow for this.

tubular toe foam
Tubular toe foams for the big and smaller toes

The toe foams come in two sizes (for the big and small toes) and do appear somewhat bulky when in place, but the foam is soft, so they do compress down.

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