corn pads

Why we do not sell medicated corn pads

We do get inquiries about these. We do not sell them. We will not be selling them. We don’t like them and have ethical concerns about them.

These types of medicated corn pads contain caustic acids like salicylic acid. The idea behind them is that the acid burns and destroys the corn. They can do that, but the acid does not know what is a corn and what is not a corn, so it is going to ‘eat’ or destroy whatever you put it on. That includes the normal skin around the corn and the normal tissues under the corn. That is potentially dangerous and can result in necrotic tissue and a portal for infection. This is even more dangerous for those with diabetes. At least the guidelines for those with diabetes do say not to use these.

They will never get rid of a corn. At best they will remove some of the corn tissue and give some short term relief. The corn is caused by too much pressure. A medicated corn pad will not get rid of that pressure. That is why that corns keep coming back. For more see: How to get rid of corns? and this one: Do corns have roots? (they don’t).

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