Cushioning Heel Cups

Sever’s Disease Heel Pads now have available a cushioning heel pad, which can be helpful for a number of different conditions but is particularly useful in cases of Sever’s Disease (Calcaneal apophysitis).

Sever’s disease is a problem in kids with the growth plate at the back of the heel bone. There are plenty of opinions on the management of this condition, but at the end of the day it is self-limiting and will go away eventually. The symptoms also fluctuate over time, so any improvement following any treatment may just be due to the natural fluctuations and not necessarily due to the treatment. Faith may then be misplaced in that particular treatment. Trying to sort out what does actually work and what doesn’t can be a challenge. Some will work and some will not and personal beliefs and experiences bias that.

Probably the best way to manage Servers disease is via education on the nature of the disease and its self-limiting nature; manage the loads and lifestyle to keep the symptoms under control until recovered. That is where the silicone gel heel pad we have can be useful and helping manage the symptoms while recovery takes place.

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For more information on Sever’s disease, see these articles: Severs Disease Treatment from the Parents Perspective and Severs Disease in kids that Run as well as this episode of PodChatLive on Calcaneal Apophysitis that is on YouTube.

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