How to use podiatry felt padding with adhesive

Podiatry (or what used to be called ‘chiropody’) felt is a commonly used material to treat a wide range of foot problems. The podiatry felt is a natural material with a self-adhesive backing. The adhesive felt padding comes in sheets that can be cut to any shape with scissors and adhered to the foot to protect just about any painful area to give that area a rest so the symptoms and be relived and the problem given a chance to heal up.

It is often helpful to bevel the edges of the adhesive felt padding as it will stay on the foot for longer. Always make sure the skin is clean before removing the backing of the adhesive and sticking the felt on the foot. After the podiatry felt padding is in place and protecting the painful area, then it is often a good idea to use a piece or pieces of adhesive tape to hold it in place:

podiatry felt
Adhesive tape hold the podiatry felt in place.

How long should you keep podiatry felt padding on for?

The adhesive felt does need to be kept dry if possible and if it is, then it can be kept in place for at least a few days. It will generally need replacing every few days. The replacements with the podiatry felt can be done as long as is necessary for the problem to get enough rest to get better.

Podiatry felt padding is a good short term option for a wide range of problems. It is often not the best option over the longer term and if you feel as though you need something like this in the long term after a short term trial of podiatry felt, then discuss the long term options with your podiatrist.

Sometimes it is useful to use good old fashioned friars balsam on the skin before using the adhesive padding to protect the skin and help it adhere better. has adhesive podiatry felt padding available in smaller convenient sheets:

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