Should I use the Bunion Corrector or the Bunion Assassin?

There are a number of products that can be used to help bunions if they are causing you problems. It is often a good idea to get professional advice if you are seriously concerned. Two products that we have are the Bunion Corrector and the Bunion Assassin. Which is the one that you should use? They both have different purposes and uses.

bunion corrector
Bunion Corrector

The Bunion Corrector is typically worn overnight and the aim is to apply gentle pressure to the toe, in theory, to straighten it. The research is that, yes it can do that a small amount over a period of time. Of more importance, the bunion corrector goes a long way to keep the big toe joint mobile and flexible which is a good thing. That can help with some of the “arthritis” like pain that develops inside the big toe joint.

bunion assassian
Bunion Assassin

The Bunion Assassin is a different product and is typically worn during the day. The silicone pad between the toes moves the big toe over and the thinner silicone pad over the bunion protects it. This goes a long way to helping with the discomfort from the bunion in the footwear. It also assumes that the footwear is suitable and has room for it to be worn in. You may, at times, need to invest in a wider model of footwear.

The Bunion Corrector and the Bunion Assassin are different products and have different effects. There is no harm in using them both.

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