metatarsal dome pad

Where and how to place metatarsal dome pads?

Metatarsal pads or domes are a useful tool to help a number of foot problems, such as metatarsalgia, plantar plate problems, toe deformities and Morton’s neuroma. They do tend to work really well if they are placed correctly and not work very well if they are placed in the wrong place.

You can see in these photos, that by applying the pressure just behind the main weightbearing area of the metatarsal heads, that the metatarsal heads spread, relieving pressure between them and under them. You can also see how it affects the toes by making them have a more straight alignment. That is the spot that you need or want a metatarsal dome pad to be placed in the shoe.

How to get the metatarsal dome pad in the right place:

Firstly work out where on your foot that the pad needs to be and the mark that with a felt pen (or even lipstick):

placement of a metatarsal dome or metatarsal pad

Hold an insole from your shoes up against the foot and transfer that mark you made on the foot to the insole (if you used lipstick, it should just rub on to the insole):

metatarsal pad placement

Glue the metatarsal dome pad on top or under the insole. Under the insole is better:

metatarsal dome placement

Our metatarsal pads come in a left and right designation – this is for if you glue them on the bottom of the insole. If you glue them on the top then you reverse them as they will be “upside down”.

You may want to initially just spot glue the metatarsal dome pad in place and try it and then see how it feels. If it is OK, then more firmly glue it in place. If it does not quite feel right, then take it off and move it slightly and try again.

What size metatarsal dome pad should you use?

For a bigger foot, use the bigger size. For a smaller foot use the smaller size. For conditions like a plantar plate tear use a larger one. For a conditions like a Morton’s neuroma, use a smaller one and place it just behind the two particular metatarsal heads that are pinching the nerve.

Metatarsal Pads/Dome for the Archies Footwear:

You can also use the metatarsal dome on the Archies footwear. products for “Metatarsalgia”:

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