poron shock absorbing insoles

How to improve shock absorption or cushioning with insoles?

What if you don’t need support under the foot and just need to improve the cushioning or shock absorption? It could be that you work all day standing on a hard floor and your feet are just very tired at the end of the day. There could be some atrophy of the fat pad under the foot, which means that you have naturally lost some of the fibro-fatty padding that protects the foot.

We have several options to increase shock absorption or cushioning:

Heel Cushioning Pads

Our silicone gel heel cushioning cup is just what is ideal for cushioning or shock absorption under the heel. It is of a similar density to the natural fat pad under the heel so is ideal to replace it if there is some heel pad atrophy. It is also ideal for Severs disease of the heel bone in kids.

Poron Cushioning Insoles

Our flat cushioning insoles are made from medical grade poron which is the ideal material for cushioning and shock absorption. They are full length and easily fit into your shoes as they are 3mm thick. Poron is the most widely used material worldwide for this purpose.

Arch Supporting Insoles

If you need some support as well as cushioning, then check out the features of our simple arch supports. They have a lot of features built into them that make them a very good place to start if you need arch support.

FootStore.au products for improved cushioning and shock absorption:

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