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Toe Spreaders for the ‘Toe Jam’

‘Toe jam’ is not a diagnosis or even a real clinical condition. Toe jam is that name that is given to that yucky stuff that can build up between the toes. It is a combination of things like dead skin cells, lint from the socks and other debris that builds up between the toes and then absorbs moisture from the sweating in that enclosed space between the toes that does not allow the sweat to evaporate. A somewhat foul cheesy like odour can develop. Subsequent infections from bacteria and fungi can create a clinical condition as those bugs thrive in that environment between the toes.

The way to deal with toe jam is just practicing good foot hygiene. Wash between the toes daily with warm water and soap and then dry between the toes thoroughly. You can even apply surgical or methylated spirits to help dry it some more. Remain barefoot until the skin has had a chance to dry. If that does not help much to get rid of the toe jam, then follow some of the strategies advised on how to get rid of foot odour to reduce the amount of sweat that accumulates during the day that creates the environment in which this occurs.

One useful adjunct to help with toe jam and the clinical conditions that are related to it such as interdigital maceration or Athletes foot (tinea pedis) is after washing between your toes and drying thoroughly is to wear a correct toe device to help keep the toes apart to allow air to circulate between them and dry out even more. Our toe aligners are perfect for that as they are made out of a plastic that will not absorb moisture and allow the air to circulate and moisture between the toes to evaporate. The toe correctors are made from a silicon gel which confirms more to the shape and is not as good at letting air circulate and for moisture to evaporate. These types of toe correctors are good for for a lot of reasons rather than just toe jam.

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