Morton’s Extension Carbon Fibre Insole Plate


The rigid Morton’s insole for limiting motion in the shoes for conditions like hallux rigidus and turf toe. Sold as a single. Thirteen sizes – measure your insole and order your size in mm. Free shipping. Price includes GST and shipping. More information below. Please select the size in mm below.



These Morton’s Extension Carbon Fibre Insole Plates are useful for people who have a problem with the big toe joint of their feet that would benefit from restricting the range of the motion of the joint. These include disorders such as hallux rigidus, hallux limitus, osteoarthritis or turf toe. These flat rigid insoles are only 1.2mm thick and are very rigid.

If you need the full-width inserts rather than these Morton’s Extension version, we have the full width available. See our article on ‘Full width or Morton’s Extension for a rigid carbon plate in the shoe?‘ to help decide which one will most likely meet your needs.

These are sold as singles, so if you need them for both feet, then order two. There is no left or right as they are just turned up the other way for the other foot.

These Morton’s Extension Carbon Fibre Insole Plates are sold in millimetres and we have 13 sizes available. To determine your size, remove an insole from any of your current shoes and measure the length. Order that size.

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Frequently asked questions about the Morton’s Extension Carbon Fibre Insole Plate:

How long does shipping take?

We ship every day. Most orders are sent the day we get them. However, we are at the mercy of Australia Post or the different couriers that we use after that. This can vary from a few days up to a week or so and obviously more during the festive season. We do try our best to get them to you as quickly as possible.

Do the inserts come in a left or right?

No. The carbon fibre inserts are interchangable. You simply turn them up the other way for the other foot.

How comfortable are the ‘Morton’s Extension Carbon Fibre Insole Plates’ to wear?

They are “ok”. The inserts are rigid and are designed to restrict motion across the joints in the front of the foot. This means that they will change the way you walk, so that may take some getting used to them, so go slowly initially. They may be uncomfortable to start with as you get used to them, but they should give relief from the pain that you are feeling due to their ability to restrict that motion.

How to determine which size to order?
This inserts are measured in millimetres (mm). We suggest that you use an insole from your shoes and measure the length of that. Err slightly on the shorter side if your are unsure.
measuring mortons carbon plate

Can these rigid insole be adjusted in the length?

No. Sometimes when you measure the size that you need, you might not fit exactly to the lengths that we have available. In those cases order the smaller one. A small gap at the front of the insert in the shoe is usually not noticed.
These inserts are almost impossible to modify with scissors or anything like that as they are very rigid. If you have access to some type of grinder, it will be possible to reduce some length off them. BUT, do so carefully.

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215mm, 225mm, 235mm, 245mm, 255mm, 265mm, 275mm, 285mm, 295mm, 300mm, 310mm, 320mm, 330mm