Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

Sinus tarsi syndrome is a problem that causes pain on the outside of the ankle joint. The sinus tarsi is a small tunnel between two bone in the rearfoot (talus and calcaneus).

Sinus tarsi syndrome can arise in two very different situations:
1.       The contents of the sinus tarsi can be strained as during an ankle sprain. The pain from this usually persists long after the swelling from the ankle sprain as subsided
2.       A very flat or pronated foot can compress the structures in the sinus tarsi if the joint is pushed to end range of motion.

Physical therapy and exercises are probably the most beneficial treatment for the post ankle sprain sinus tarsi syndrome, while foot orthotics to stop joint going to end range of motion is probably the most beneficial for the second cause of sinus tarsi syndrome. Injections for sinus tarsi syndrome are helpful if it does not respond to these interventions.

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