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Danny Dreyer, an esteemed running coach and a nationally ranked ultra-marathon runner, has over thirty years of running experience and is a student of internationally renowned t’ai chi master George Xu. He has been published in “Runner’s World” and “Running Times, ” and is the author of his own monthly ChiRunning newsletter. He lives in the Bay Area and has taught the ChiRunning method to thousands of people with profound results.

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ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running

“The most exciting and revolutionary book to hit the running community this decade.”
ChiRunning is the solution we’ve all been looking for to maintain high performance and avoid injury.”

Reviewers comment:

I learned about chi running about a year ago and feel it has really helped my running, from the point that a 10k was my max (and a somewhat stressful one at that) to where I can easily do a half marathon and am now aiming for full marathons. The basic idea really is that you avoid a striding form and relax most of your body except your core so that you move forward largely by leaning into your run and coming down on your mid-foot while falling forward. This description doesn’t do the technique justice, but this type of running really is designed to be both efficient and low-impact. It works well for my 50-year old body (I used it to complete the Boston Marathon as a “non-qualified” runner raising funds for a Boston charity) and allows me to get through races feeling tired but not overlyl stressed or pained. I know some fast (2:30 marathoners) who say chi running has allowed them to maintain a fast pace without feeling beat up for days afterward.

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